Shellac Finishing

Experts in the traditional art of hand-rubbed shellac finishing including French, English and American polishing methods.

    Shellac Finishing, berthet chest

    Expert Services


    Professor Rios is actively engaged in the business of appraisals and authentication of antique furniture and works-of-art of every description, including one of a kind and character. As a professor at New York University Appraisal Studies Program he is qualified to render appraisals of wooden objects.

    Antique Authentication

    Most antiques have questionable repairs, replacements, stains, dyes, finishes and/or patination that can disguise the truth and fool most people, including the so-called antique “experts”. Professor Rios for over 30 years has seen through the veils of mistruths to come up with concrete and verifiable authentication of antique objects. Written evaluations can be provided upon request.

    Damage Assessments

    For insurance purposes Professor Rios can asses damage caused in transit by movers such as scratches, dents, breaks, and missing pieces. Damage caused by fire, smoke, heat and water damage. Damage caused from floods, steam and mother nature. Damage caused by improper restoration attempts that permanently decrease the intrinsic value of objects. Written assessments can be provided upon request.

    Furniture Fumigation

    We use a gas chamber treatment that kills all insect infestation without damaging finish or wood and leaves no odor.

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