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The Florian Papp Gallery has been closed for over 5 years now and will remain so. We have lost touch with our network of restorers but suggest you reach out to Eli Rios, ECR Restorations. 

We have recommended Eli and his firm for many years to clients and continue to use him personally with expert results.

Melinda Papp

About Eli

Professor Eli Rios is one of the leading authorities on furniture conservation and restoration in the country, his expertise lies in using traditional materials and methods for historically correct restoration.

Professor Rios’ desire to learn all facets of antique restoration and conservation led him to pursue a variety of technical and academic studies. He is certified through the Smithsonian Conservator’s Analytical Laboratory as a Conservator where his main focus was the Chemistry of Historical Materials. At Amherst College he received a certificate in “Wood Boring Insect Infestation and Treatment” and “Wood Identification.” He completed a course of study at John Brown University in the Chemistry of Polymer and Modern Materials. His diverse educational background coupled with his many years of hands on experience makes him an expert in antique conservation.

His career in antiques further developed at Sotheby’s where he spent 8 years as a Forman/Manager. There he had access to the creme de la creme of antique furniture. He taught courses on the “Do’s and Don’ts of Antiques” to Sotheby’s clients. At the New York University Appraisal Studies Program, he teaches the “Fine Points of Antique Authentication”. He was a professor at the Fashion Institute of Technology teaching Applied Chemistry of Historic Materials for 8 years. Currently, at the University Club, Professor Rios lectures a course to professionals and collectors titled “Fake, Fraud or Genuine”. The seminar is haled as one of the more informative classes that the Club hosts. Additionally, he has been called on to provide expert knowledge at several other institutions such as Brandeis University and Cooper Hewitt.

A regular on the Martha Stewart Show and in her magazine, Professor Rios demonstrates the proper care of antiques. He has also been featured on “All Year Round with Katie Brown” a fun show for young collectors and “the B Smith Show” which addresses the problems of antique care on the west coast. He has been featured in numerous articles such as the New York Times, “Where to Find It” section where he was cited as the Conservator expert on French Polishing and Gilding advice and techniques.

ECR maintains a high-end roster of clientele including private collectors, auction houses, dealer’s, galleries, and design firms such as Cullman & Kravis, D Hoffman, MACII, M. Puris, Studio Sofield, Earl Graves, Martha Stewart, JP Morgan Library, B. Costas, Sotheby’s Auction House, J. Rockefeller, Christies Auction House, Florian Papp, Aquavella Gallery and Keno Brother’s.


Anne Bartoc

I had three Eames chairs repaired by Eli Rios. The chairs are now beautiful. I highly recommend him. His knowledge and skill with antiques has no equal. He is a true master of antique restoration.

Brian Duffy

Mr. Rios and his team are masters of their craft. His depth of knowledge of the types of wood and their characteristics is astounding. His appreciation for the history of furniture and design is equally profound. He is an artist and scientist with an deep aesthetic sense.

Genevieve Young

Eli Rios has done at least seven or eight jobs for me over the years. Each and every time his results have far exceeded my expectations. A superb craftsman who is also thoughtful of his employees as well as his clients.

Katherine Mulock

Mr Rios and his team have worked on many pieces of my antique furniture, always to my total delight. His knowledge and skill seems endless. He is a true conservator, and he has educated me to understand and appreciate the difference. I trust him completely to do the right thing for my pieces, and I always look forward to giving him a new piece to work on because I know he will return it in a condition
that will exceed my hopes and expectations.
There is just no one better than him in his field, and I pray he never retires.

Jessica R. Gushin

you’re wonderful 5 stars!

Wendy Duryea

Eli is a miracle worker. He can copy anything and/or turn any random piece into a masterpiece! Have used him for 24+ years. The best in the business!!!

Linda Sklaroff

Mr. Rios and his crew of master craftsmen have taken extraordinary care of my antique furniture over many years and have brought many pieces back to their original beauty. I agree totally with previous reviewers.


35-18 37th Street, 1st Floor
(Between 35th and 36th Avenues)
Astoria, NY  11101

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