Gilding: the decoration of wood surfaces by applying thin coats of 22K gold or other metal sheets.

Veneering: The highly skilled craft of applying thin sheets of wood, To a secondary wood surface in geometric design (parquetry). In artistic design (marquetry).

French Polishing: Process of applying thin coats of shellac to wood surfaces to protect and enhance depth of color and clarity.

Restoration: The process of repairing a piece of antique furniture by a skillful craft person, careful renovation which includes, surface finish and replacement of broken or missing parts.

Japanning/Historic: The process of coating wood and/or metal surfaces with various varnishes.

Chinoiserie: A generic term for Chinese ornamental motifs, whether printed, inlaid , painted or applied.

Other Services:
Professor Rios; Expert fine appraisals of fine antique furniture.
Damage Assessment for fire and/or water damage insurance claims.

Products: are sold for antique restoration purposes:
Microcrystalline Waxes {acid-free low PH), specially formulated for fine antique leather and bronze

Milk Paint: Non-toxic historic paints in earth pigment colors for walls and furniture {Hypoallergenic)

Organic Fish Glue – For wood and paper.

Natural Shellac in flake form.

Modern Lacquer: Spray lacquer for modern furniture done in our facilities.

Reproduction: A term for an honest copy of an antique design.